Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Royal Bhutan Posted by Hello

pen ambient temperature, black
bidirectional printing,
educate the rich, it's all the
same day, concrete sculpture,
criss-crossed hydro electric
wires, northern warming, mind
light, outsider still, trance
question, tit out, empty
auditoria, a name with legs,
noncommercial artists,
death wears a big hat,
volunteer artist, i'm coming
apart at the seams, web
beacons, much gathers more,
memex, fantics, linksarray,
nomadic power, shallow links,
disruptive compliance, the
great firewall of china,
haptic, a blank day, buckle
and tongue, text cash, this
is perfectly good writing,
and so is this, real ubu,
still plenty to write on,
copy this free, extrad,
eighty thousand copies,
anything of any use is gone,
where'd ya went, nokes
petrunia, check staircasing,
soft staircase, fifty
blue, nothing but margins,
stickerback frag, still
licking, el-one line, acid
margin, acid el, message
margin, no conception
graphics, accompli, assman's
funeral home, the verb aimer,
live book circle book, the
breath of the prairies,
the milleni-numb, the lil all,


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