Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Saint Ambrose

St-Ambroise Posted by Hello

tumulus, perfectly writable
planes, nothing saint, backtrace
cyan, how are we supposed to
work, seeing down thru the layers,
still don't know, room left to
sign, tell it to ignore, don't
archive: recycle, comp work,
the year of the burn, sep, hard
to tell the originals from
the copies, concrete medium,
comp-fusion, these will be good
for nothing, wind up making
more, reverse writing, conform
to nothing, the all imp, actual
time, an excellent blank, far
too blank, will it read, needed
info, eye hat, trance medium,
seeing eye god, colour tax,
latext, prototorpor, blood
on every copy, zero karat,
aviana, paranola, mucor: the
mouthpiece of the dirt,
close your eyes and leave
them closed, still here?,
vow of racket, file trance,
vomit basin, the blank is
marked, plastic specter,
signature font, becoming
moss, greative, gossip
stammer, five million
pixels, tumuli, a fine
thing to go with, minor
communications, look it
up research it, glad to
see this, out of pocket
press, tricked into
carrying a message, what
are you doing to that
book, used to live there,


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